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Facial Recognition

Facial recognition (or face recognition) is a type of biometric software application that can identify a specific individual in a digital image by analyzing and comparing patterns. Facial recognition systems are commonly used for security purposes but are increasingly being used in a variety of other applications. Most current facial recognition systems work with numeric codes called face-prints. Such systems identify 80 nodal points on a human face. In this context, nodal points are end points used to measure variables of a person’s face, such as the length or width …

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The speed at which  information  becomes stale and new data is available is alarming.As a web  administrator    you will be faced  with  the arduous task of maintaining up-to-date   information  repository. Depending on the subject matter of your site the level of volatility varies greatly. But every site  needs to be maintained to remain fresh active and useful.

Subject matter:

If your  site focuses on day-to-day changes of technology daily  updates must  take place If your focus is on historical events , weekly or monthly  updates may suffice.
Proprietary technology:
Wide spread  use of specialized …

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All delphi  applications use the graphics unit , which provides classes such as pen, brush, font  canvas and related declarations.
This article covers some  classes and these are advanced graphic techniques such as bitmaps graphic  files and how to create drag and drop objects.
Graphic class relationships.
When you first begin to design your graphical program  you may be unsure  whether to use the image and or the the shape components  or an object of the  picture class. To decide on  the best course for your program. First understand the relationships  among the …

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Services and protocols are distinct concepts although they are frequently  confused. The distinction  is so imprortant however that I emphasize it again  in this article.
A  service is a set of primitive operations that  a layer provides to the layer above it .The service defines  what  operations  the layer is prepared to perform  on behalf of its users , but it says nothing  at all  about how these operations  are implemented A service relates to an interface between two layer, with the lower layer  being the service  user.
A protocol in contrast is a set …