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Pakistan’s Power Crisis & Renewable Energy

12 September 2008 4 Comments by powersector



  • azamishaque said:

    hi Powersector,

    really a very nice article. i think you also must be aware of the fact that a Turkish company is close to completing the first windmill in Pakistan.

    Zorlu Enerji Pakistan has almost completed foundation work for five wind turbines in Jhimpir, 70km from Karachi, each capable of producing 1.2 megawatts of electricity. Though initially 6MW of electricity will be produced, the project will be expanded to 50MW in the next few years.

    do you have idea that whereelse windmills can work better or to propose to right authorities.

  • cmab said:

    very good article.

  • powersector (author) said:

    Hi Azam !
    Thnkx for appreciating my article .I was trying to tell people of Pkaistan how much nature has bestowed Pakistan with energy resources.LOI ( Letter of intent has been issued to 90 investors for setting up 50 MW wind farm by govt of pakistan and generation license of 50 MW have been issued to 5 companies.The survey conducted by USAID ,AEDB have pinpointed many sites in northern areas as well which have alot of potential of wind energy .

  • powersector (author) said:

    HI Cmab !
    Thankx for appreciating my article.!

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