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[25 May 2009 | One Comment | | by aliimran]

The importance and significance of work life balance is discussed thoroughly in part 1 and part 2. Now there is a question that how to design work life balance that achieves and attain employees’ loyalty. A work life balance strategy is formulated by keeping in mind the structure, design and the nature of the organization. The organization has to work out the expenses and then plan the policies accordingly
Flexible work hours
The company should offer flexible hours to its employees. It will not bound the employees and they will feel comfortable …

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[10 May 2009 | No Comment | | by aliimran]

It’s not the machine, its employees the biggest asset of any organization. Loyalty is one characteristic that organizations want badly from employees. But generally speaking loyalty can not be developed from day 1. It takes time and there are many factors such as design, structure, flow, environment and workplace settings, contributing in gaining an employee’s loyalty.
Organizations can inculcate loyalty in their employees and hoist productivity by identifying the significance of their employees’ personal and family lives. Management identification of the importance of personal and family life, often …