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Revolution in Pakistan cricket

19 June 2009 2 Comments by umar Farooq

The “Revolution in Pakistan cricket” consists of two parts. Part 1 speaks about the desperation of morale boosters in the country since Pakistan is going through the crisis and under terrorism attacks. One of the biggest morale boosters is “cricket” as the nation is the cricketing nation and by the grace of God Pakistan is doing well in the T20 world cup. The nation is happy and pleased with the commitment the boys have shown, but the consistency is needed to be brought. The part 2 concentrates on the change in system which can make our team the world’s toughest team.

There has to be a philosophy, an attribute and a value required behind the success of a nation. Great nations learn from their experiences. Look at “Japan”, after got hammered by the US atomic attack, now Japan is the leading country in technology. The expertise in technology and the economic triumph of Japan proves the drive and enthusiasm in Japanese. Nations do not achieve their objectives in one day; there is a hard great effort behind the success story.

Pakistani nation is fertilized in terms of talent, passion and loyalty to Pakistan. It is all about using the passion and executing the talent with its full capacity. Cricket is a phenomenon; the game has an emotional bonding with the nation. The nation of Pakistan possesses this sport and from a peon to president everybody follows cricket.

Pakistan is going through the worst phase; at least 36 suicide attacks have taken place from March 17th to 12th June 2009. The military operation is going on in swat and swat’s people have left their homes and migrated. They are living in a miserable condition. From cricketing prospective the most horrible incident took place when Srilankan cricket team agreed to play in Pakistan while all other teams rejected the invitation and they were under attack by the terrorists in Lahore. The reputation was spoiled and Pakistan could not answer the question mark of security lapse. The occurrence brought hideous results and Pakistan lost the hosting of ICC world cup 2011. The final news is that Pakistan will have the hosting rights but the matches will be held in Dubai, Abu Dhabi. All what we need to do as a nation is to have more and more morale booster in the country.

This is cricket for sure one of the chief morale booster. Pakistan beat South Africa in the semi and there was a wave of delight in the whole country. People talk about their sport. At workplaces, in streets, every single house from a 6 years kid to 75 years old everyone prays for the triumph of Pakistan cricket team. As a cricket maniac what is painful for me is the tag of unpredictability pasted on Pakistan cricket team. Commentating the semi final between Pakistan and South Africa, Nasser Husain former English captain said “we need to wait and see which Pakistani side comes on to play today, is it the one which can be conquered easily or the one that you need to be afraid of” that is absolutely correct. On their day they can beat teams like Australia and South Africa as if they are the street players and another day they can be beaten by teams like Ireland. No matter how they play, the nation always backs their team but the nation has sentiments and deep attachment with cricket and Pakistan team. A performance which is highly professional and the thirst for accomplishment can never be criticized even though the team loses. It hurts when there is lack of fight, casual behavior and unprofessionalism. The talent is immense in Pakistan. The land has produced leaders like Imran Khan who led from the front and Pakistan went onto win the word cup 1992, a joyful memory. The kings of reverse swing Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis amazed the world with their toe crushing Yorkers and art of reverse swing. The world has enjoyed the artistic play of Javed Miandad, witnessed the world record of highest individual innings of 194 by Saeed Anwar and a dashing 37 ball century by Shahid Afridi.

It’s not a question of talent but a weaker “System”, which makes our team inconsistent. Until or unless the system is not proper the team would carry the tag of “unpredictable”. The fans would have to wait for “The day” on which the team performs. One thing that needs to be kept in mind that the talent we have in Pakistan is the God gifted and raw. A system purifies it and brings professionalism in it. Once a young boy is picked for the Pakistan team, obviously he has skill and talent but what a system does is “Build the Approach”. He might be so good at batting but approach will lack in his play. For example he would have problems in running between the wickets, the calling for either go for the run or stop , how to drag the bat properly, how to dive correctly, how to take catches on chest height and how to grab them when they are flat. The Pakistan cricket board has a lot of responsibility and role to play in this morale booster. They have to come up with a system which can make Pakistan team on top of the world in all the forms of cricket i-e Test, One day internationals and T20 format.


  • taimorkhan said:

    The article was written on 19th June and after two days Pakistan became the T20 world champs. What umar farooq was hoping, it became true. We witnessed a jubilant Pakistan nation and thanks to Younis khan who dedicated the world cup to the victims of swat.

    “All is well that ends well”, maybe people are now not able to find out any flaw in the team currently but things can change very quickly. The importance of “system” can not be neglected. I 100% agree with the statement “It’s not a question of talent but a weaker “System”, which makes our team inconsistent.” When the system will improve we will see our nation enjoying these triumphs more often.

  • saimawahid said:

    Dear Umar,

    This article is an in depth analysis of the goods and bads of Pakistan Cricket team. “Cricketing Nation” is the term that you have used in your article that actually makes one feel pleasant about the sporty nature of the nation. Your article also proposes some good recommendation as to how the Pakistani Cricket Team can broaden its vision and emerge as through professionals.


    Saima Wahid

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