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New Solar Cells

15 October 2011 One Comment by Comsatian

Current solar cells are facing problems in the following dimensions

  • 1. wastage of photon energy as heat because of bandgap
  • 2. photon capture rate dependent on thickness of layer directly receiving the photons i.e. silicon

Cost to performance ratio is low enough due to these factors in case of silicon and hence requiring the determination of new elements to receive photons to capture them in maximum i.e. dye-sensitized solar cell.

The author has strong interest in the renewable sources of energy and working on studying chemical behaviors of other elements which can utilize the maximum energy of photons in photoexcitation process for their electrons in the shells.

Humanity is very near to get benefitted from the most magnificent source of energy created by Allah.

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  • azmbashir said:

    Good job to share tech. news among ourselves.
    carry on.

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