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Thanks to Internet: Learning Holy Quran online

9 June 2013 One Comment by cmab

Allah names

Living in a non-Muslim society, it is always difficult to have access to the places where children of the Muslim families can learn the holy Quran recitation. It is also unfortunate that as parents we are not committed and effective enough to fulfill our duties in this regard. This ineffectiveness is caused due to many reasons like

1. Family structure

a. Male member is working & Female member is not working

i. Make it much difficult to drive child after office/job/work routine along with extra work hours to a distant place like Islamic center with such high fuel cost.

ii. There can be a situation where mother do not hold a driving license.

iii. Even if they do have, it is challenging for them to drive the child to Islamic center and wait there till the child get his/her lesson of the day for the holy Quran.

b. Both members are working

i. Become more challenging while keeping the work routine intact.

2. Living in Big cities

a. If you are living in a big city and in Muslim majority place then there is a possibility that you can get mosques around you and children can directly go to mosque for reading and learning Quran.

b. If Islamic center or mosque is far away from you then it is very difficult to reach to the place because of traffic, parking rates and travelling expenses

3. Language problem

a. If ever you manage to find the place where a teacher can teach Holy Quran to students/children there is a huge possibility that the primary language of the teacher is Arabic and English accent of teacher is not easily understandable for the child. It creates more problems and hence ending up in postponing the learning process.

Quran Taleem has started an innovative learning program for the children and adults to learn the Holy Quran with Tajweed through the internet. It just not only provides the access to the Holy Quran software during the teacher-student session but students can access the system from anywhere in the world at any time to make use of their time to rehearse the lessons and read the other guidelines provided by the teacher.

It solves all the problems of the parents living abroad and finding it hard to find the appropriate teaching mechanism and teacher to teach Holy Quran to their children at the bare minimum cost.

Quran Taleem also focuses to provide more Islamic knowledge that includes daily sunna dua’s by Holy Prophet Peace be Upon Him. It is a wonderful opportunity for everyone living abroad to get benefitted from the online facility.

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    very nice initiative!

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