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[29 Apr 2015 | No Comment | | by jawad]

The effect of radiation on man depends not only on the total “equivalent’ dose , but also on how it is delivered. A dose that is delivered all at once (acute) is more dangerous than a dose spread out over a long period of time (chronic); a dose delivered to the entire volume of the body (whole body exposure) is more dangerous than a dose delivered to only some part of the body, a dose …

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[16 Apr 2015 | No Comment | | by jawad]

Before answering this question we have to try to answer another, who are Arabs. The difficulty is that for many centuries the word “Arab” had two different meanings. It still has today , although the wider of two definitions is tending to predominate. But in the past Arab historians and writers such as the great Ibn Khaldoun of Tunis in the fourteenth century used the word in either of its senses without explaining …

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[10 Apr 2015 | No Comment | | by jawad]

System maintenance involves making changes to a system over the course of its useful life. System maintenance can mean maintaining hardware , which may wear out or fail for physical reasons. For example a real time transaction processing system might require a new communications controller to manage terminals. However most commonly system maintenance refers to maintaining software that until is modified, behaves in the same manner as when it was first installed (unless damaged /altered …