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The “TASER” Technology, Technology can beat suicide attacks

20 August 2015 No Comment by azamishaque

“Terrorism has become the systematic weapon of a war that knows no borders or seldom has a face.” Pakistan is under terrorist attacks for so many years but 2009 became a worst militant hit year for Pakistan as series of bomb blasts and militant attacks rocked the country throughout the year. From 5th February 2009 when at least 24 people killed in a suicide attack in Dera Ghazi Khan to 19th November 2009 when Peshawar is targeted yet again, a series of horrible and brutal attacks are in between this time period. Majorly the militants have targeted Afghanistan border, Dera Ghazi Khan, Srilankan cricket team in Lahore, police training center, shia’s and Sunni’s sacred places, Pak armed forces, hotels specially Marriott and Pearl continental, other than these targets there are many other attacks which are slightly less harmful in intensity in comparison to the mention ones.

The government finds an escape every time that there is no solution of suicide attacks, but recently there are car bombs attacks and bombs were fit in motorbikes. Majorly the threat is suicide attack. There is no doubt that the government has taken some action to reduce these attacks and they caught some of the masterminds as well but the ratio is very less. There has to be done something, but what? That is a big question mark. I believe technology is something which has made this world a global village, I wonder if people who passed away not that far just 100 years ago, if they even come now in this age, they would have been amazed by the wonders technology has brought. Considering these lines I strongly believe that there is a technology based solution lies in this great crisis.

Pakistan has invested so much in the security measures but unfortunately there are no desired results. Life loss is the biggest loss in these attacks; the prime effort should be to reduce the life losses. Pakistani media has warned and educated the people of Pakistan to beware of suspicious people and activities but then again what to do with a person who is wearing a suicide jacket and he is just there to blow himself. Most of the times what happens that police finds some one suspicious and just about when they react the suicide bomber blows himself. Here is where I want to make my point, here is where the technology comes, there is something called “TASER” it is basically an electroshock weapon that uses electrical current to disrupt voluntary control of muscles1. What police can do is to use this weapon against the suspicious people and it will make them unconscious. The police can control the situation afterwards. The question arises that should police implement it on everyone who looks a bit suspicious, the answer is no, the police is well trained and as they are doing their tough jobs, they very well know when to apply it and when to not.
Another dilemma is that most of the times the secret services of Pakistan inform the government about an attack , that particular day the security is very tight but then again the same reason that “the attack was suicidal ” we can’t do much. In these situations “TASER” is mighty effective. It is the “Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) technology”. Someone struck by a “TASER” experiences stimulation of his or her sensory nerves and motor nerves, resulting in strong involuntary muscle contractions2. In developed countries the police use this technology but UN had other ideas when this technology was introduced, it is meant to be less lethal weapon but UN thought that it has dangerous after effects but at that time the scenario wasn’t that worst, Pakistan is going through the worst phase, in these conditions the use of “TASER” is very useful. Another question is considering Pakistan police; would they be able to use it effectively? Well there has to be a training in which it is taught how to use it and there is a cost of training as well. There has to be mental training as well as the “product” training.

Some “TASER” models, particularly those used by police departments, also have a “Drive Stun” capability, where the “TASER” is held against the target without firing the projectiles, and is intended to cause pain without incapacitating the target. “Drive Stun” is “the process of using the EMD weapon as a pain compliance technique.3 It is time to “Think Ahead Systematically” and have proactive technique, the government is investing so much in security measures but as mentioned above the terrorist attacks are not decreasing but rather they are increasing day by day. The best way to solve it down is to invest somewhere which is productive and I feel that this might be a super solution.

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