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[31 Dec 2015 | No Comment | | by jawad]

All systems function within some  sort of environment. The environment like the system is a collection of elements. These elements surround the system and often interact with it. For any given problem there are many types of systems  and many types of environments. Thus it is important for to be clear about what constitutes the system and the environment of interest .For instance  a physician looking  at human systems may be interested in studying the entire human body as a system not just a part of it.(such as the central …

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[7 Dec 2015 | No Comment | | by jawad]

Templates were one of the last features  added to C++ before the standardization process  began. As Bjarne says in the design and evolution of C++. He says ” templates were considered  essential  for the design of proper container classes.For many people the largest single problem  with C++ is the lack of an extensive standard library.

A  major problem in  producing such a library is that  C++ does not provide  a sufficiently  general facility defining ” container classes”such  as lists,vectors , and associative  arrays.” Although Bjarne was as  aware of the need  …

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[1 Dec 2015 | No Comment | | by jawad]

The name given to various programming language interpreters.One instance of an operating system along with one or more applications running in an isolated partition within the computer. It enables different operating systems to run in the same computer at the same time.

Virtual machines (VMs) are also widely used to run multiple instances of the same operating system, each running the same set or a different set of applications. The separate VM instances prevent applications from interfering with each other. If one app crashes, it does not affect the programs in …