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Fragile and Delicate Ecosystems

10 February 2016 No Comment by jawad

The environment has emerged as one of the major business issues of the year 2000 onwards. Environmental advocacy groups  are increasingly turning to information technology to educate  business  managers about the fragile nature of forests.

The wilderness society has  developed  an information system that produces  what many scientists claim to be the best evidence available  about the impacts of humans on forest.

The heart of the system is  a mapping  system capable  of comparing  old photographs with  new images. Eco-systems Its system combines expert systems and graphic software to visually  display how forests ecosystems  including  water systems and endangered  species habitats have  changed over the years. The systems outputs have been  used in court cases which resulted  in injunctions  halting timber  cutting in some areas.

The heart of the system is a mapping system  capable  of comparing old  photographs with new  images  generated from satellite imaging and  aerial photographs. This allows foresters to see how ” old growth”

has been replaced  by new growth” or bare ground ( resulting from human encroachment ) The wilderness society computer based ecology mapping system is a  constructive addition to our understanding of how human actions affect the environment.

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