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Linux: Features

15 February 2016 No Comment by jawad

No matter what version of Linux you use,the piece of code common to all is the Linux kernel. Although the  kernel can be modified  to include support for the features you want. Every  linux kernel  can offer the following features.

1) Multiuser

Not only can you have many user accounts available on a linux system, you  can also have multiple  users  logged in and working on the system at the same time. Users can have  their own environment arranged  the way they want :

their own home directory for storing files and their own desktop interface( with icons,menus and applications arranged to suit them)

2) Multitasking

In Linux it is possible  to have many programs  running at the same which means that not only can you have many programs  going at once , but that  Linux itself can have programs running in the background. Many of these system processes make it possible for  Linux to work as a server with these  background  processes listening to the network for request to log in to your system. View a web page, print  a document  or copy a file. These back ground processes are referred to as daemons.

3) Graphical  User interface

The X-window system, the powerful framework for working with graphical applications in  Linux is referred to as the

X windows  system: X handles the functions  of opening X-based GUI  applications and displaying them on  an X server process( the  process that manages your screen mouse and keyboard. On top of X you use an X based desktop environment to provide a desktop metaphor and windows manger to provide the specific look and feel of your GUI( icons ,window frames menu and colors. There

are several  desktop environments and dozens of desktop managers to choose from).

4) Hardware support

You can  configure support for almost every every type of hardware that can be connected to a computer.

There is support  for disk drives and removable  disks, sound cards tape devices, video cards and almost anything else you can think of.

5) Network  servers

Providing  networking services to the  client  computers on the local area network or to  entire internet is what Linux does best. A variety of software packages  are available that enable you to use linux as a print  server, file server,FTP  server, mail server, web server,news server or work-group.

The primary advantages of Linux

When compared  to different commercially  available operating systems. Linux is  the best hat  its price  and its reliability. In terms of reliability the general  consensus is that Linux is comparable to many commercial UNIX systems but more reliable than most  desktop-oriented operating systems. This is especially true if you rely on your computer systems to stay up  because if it is a web server or file server.

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